The Red Beard Agency | You Don’t Want To Miss This: Topical SEO
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You Don’t Want To Miss This: Topical SEO

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You Don’t Want To Miss This: Topical SEO

It’s not uncommon for content optimization to change, and today we’re going to show you the shift Google is making in understanding keywords and content.
By using the topical SEO technique, you will gain an advantage over your competitors.
This is without a doubt going to help you rand for even MORE keywords with less work building links.

Alright, lets go!

Say goodbye to old school SEO efforts, and say hello to topical SEO optimization!!!
Common practice of the past has focused on optimizing web content for specific keywords.
The idea was to create content and pages that contained copy related to your targeted keywords. For example, if you had a website that sold golf clubs you would have one page for “golf club driver” and an additional page for “golf club putter” even though your users intent was identical.
With the new Google updates to their algorithms, Google’s search engine standards have evolved.

The Big Problem With Google

Google’s recent changes want websites to answer the questions of a users query.
People turn to Google for just about everything these days. When people enter a query in Google, Google wants to deliver content that best answers the user’s question.
Until recently, Google would crawl your website and make note of the keywords and links on each page. That worked alright, but even with those methods, the best content wasn’t always coming up first. This was a big problem for Google that has recently been fixed.
Google got all their brainiac coders got together and decided to create a new way of rating content. Instead of simply crawling a website and matching a user’s query with the website that had the best match, the genius team at Google sought to serve up the content that best answers the user’s question.
Put simply, Google developed algorithms designed to understand the connection between words, entities, and topics so they can better understand the actual intent of the content and search query.

What is topical SEO optimization?

The essence of topical SEO is this, it is an added ranking factor where Google values a source’s authority based on how well the content  answers a search query.

All of this means your site should contain all of the possible answers to a search query in a specific category. In practice we suggest, write on!

One of the best ways to put this to practice is to write high quality content in a blog or article format. If you don’t already have a blog, or don’t have time to write on a regular basis check out Red Beard Blogger. This is a great service that will give your site a big boost.

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