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Red Beard Blitz

Best blogging service

Need Hight Powered Links To Rank You Faster?

Red Beard Blitz gives you high DA, permanent, home page links.

What is Red Beard Blitz?

Sometimes you need something stronger to rank your keywords, and in today’s SEO world, the #1 way to get that boost is to get high Domain Authority homepage links.


Over the last few years, we’ve developed a substantial amount of relationships with site owners in nearly every niche. After you give us your keywords and URLs, we go out and manually contact these publishers in your niche and place links on the sidebar.

best SEO service for my business
best SEO service for my business

Powerful Links

We set high standards for where we’ll place links.


Buying links based on today’s toolbar PR is simply not accurate (it hasn’t been updated since Dec 2013), and you won’t necessarily get what you pay for. Instead, we rely on Moz Domain Authority which updates constantly and is a more reliable metric.


As you can see, the stats from our publishers are very authoritative:


  • 20% Moz DA 15-20 (Small power, ≈ PR1 or PR2)
  • 60% Moz DA 20-30 (Medium power, ≈ PR2 or PR3)
  • 20% Moz DA 30+ (Large power, ≈ PR3 or PR4+)

How It Works

Step 1

Give us keywords, URLs, and any special instructions.

Step 2

We contact publishers and place your links on their sites.

Step 3

We deliver a fully transparent report within 7 business days, unless you specify a longer slow drip.

Full Citation Audit

The most important part of any Local SEO campaign is ensuring consistency, which is why every single HOTH Local campaign starts with a full audit.

Without this crucial step (that most cheap competitors skip), you’d be throwing money down the drain.

We put every campaign through this extremely detailed, time intensive process. We catalogue correct and incorrect citations, avoiding any duplication of efforts. This results in a fully detailed report, including a road map on how to repair incorrect citations most effectively.

red beard money back guarantee

Red Beard Blitz Citation Packages

We work with ALL types of businesses! If your business sells a product or service we can help you!

  • Red Beard Blitz 5

  • $500/mo
    • 5 High Authority Links
    • Permanent
    • Homepage
    • Sidebar
    • No Subscription

  • Red Beard Blitz 10

  • $900/mo
    • 10 High Authority Links
    • Permanent
    • Homepage
    • Sidebar
    • No Subscription

  • Red Beard Blitz 20

  • $1750/mo
    • 20 High Authority Links
    • Permanent
    • Homepage
    • Sidebar
    • No Subscription

Get A Free Website Audit

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