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Red Beard Mega

SEO Service for small business

Let Us Take Care of Your SEO For You

Get A Massive Discount, A Custom SEO Strategy, & Extra Bonuses With Our All-In-One Premium Packages

What is Red Beard Mega?

SEO can be confusing, and more and more, our customers tell us “Just tell me what to do!”


A sustainable SEO strategy is usually the result of multiple types of links on a sustained basis. Trying to weave it all together into an effective, well rounded strategy can be difficult if you’re not 100% up to date with everything SEO.


With Red Beard Mega, we take care of it all for you. After you sign up for a package, we will help you with your keywords, give recommendations, and even place the orders for you to ensure you’re on the right track.


This is the closest you can get to managed SEO – without any parlor tricks. You’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting.

SEO Service for small business
What is SEO

A Well Rounded Strategy

A well rounded strategy includes multiple pieces, and with these packages, we take care of it all for you. Each package includes the following:


Red Beard Press – Our press release service will get you a significant amount of diversified natural links from authority sources. In addition, you also need to round out your nofollow diversity in your profile if you don’t have enough. These help prevent Penguin penalties.


Red Beard Package – A Red Beard Mini+, Results+, or Platinum+ is a great way to diversify your profile with powerful web 2.0 style links. We will use your secondary, LSI, main keywords, or brand anchors with these packages to continue the diversity and give your website contextual relevance.


Red Beard Blitz – Red Beard Blitz will give you high authority, high DA, permanent homepage links. Great for boosting target properties with controllable anchor text.


Red Beard Guest Post – With each mega package, you’ll get various true enterprise level, manual outreach guest posts. These are our top-of the line products. Just a few of these pack a powerful punch with your links naturally woven into the content.

Premium Service, Bonuses, & More

With Red Beard Mega, we’re going to be helping you all the way through – we’ll even place the orders for you! You’ll have your own account manager dedicated to your campaigns success.


The Red Beard Mega lineup comprises our flagship packages all rolled into one. These are the best of our products, all at a significant discount.

SEO Services for small business

How It Works

Step 1

Purchase Red Beard Mega Package

Just purchase a Red Beard Mega package and give us your basic site details. We’ll start investigating your campaign and schedule a strategy session to go over your objectives.

Step 2

Consultation & Implementation

You’ll be assigned a dedicated manager who will perform an initial consultation with you. We’ll align objectives and even place your orders for you.

Step 3


All the work will be done by our huge team of U.S. staff. We’ll deliver 100% white label, transparent reports with all the work we’ve done, plus rank tracking to show progress.

Red Beard Mega Packages & Pricing

We work with ALL types of businesses! If your business sells a product or service we can help you!

  • Red Beard Mega Small

  • $1499.99/mo
  • For 1-2 URLs
    1 Secondary Property (Optional)

    • All Inclusive:
      • 1 x Red Beard Press + Boost
      • 1 x Red Beard Mini Plus+
      • 4 x DA10 Guest Posts + Boost
      • 1 x DA20 Guest Posts + Boost
      • 1 x Red Beard Blitz 5

  • Red Beard Mega Medium

  • $2499.99/mo
  • For 2-3 URLs
    1 Secondary Property (Optional)

    • All Inclusive:
      • 1 x Red Beard + Boost
      • 1 x Red Beard SEO Plus+
      • 5 x DA10 Guest Posts + Boost
      • 2 x DA20 Guest Posts + Boost
      • 2 x DA30 Guest Posts + Boost
      • 1 x Red Beard Blitz 10

  • Red Beard Mega Large

  • $4499.99/mo
  • For 3-4 URLs
    1 Secondary Property (Optional)

    • All Inclusive:
      • 1 x Red Beard Press + Boost
      • 1 x Red Beard SEO Platinum Plus+
      • 13 x DA10 Guest Posts + Boost
      • 4 x DA20 Guest Posts + Boost
      • 2 x DA30 Guest Posts + Boost
      • 1 x Red Beard Blitz 20

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