The Red Beard Agency | Red Beard Monthly Boost
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Red Beard Monthly Boost

Monthly SEO boost package

Supercharge Your Backlinks

Boost Your Backlinks, Rank Social Media Properties, & Increase Your Page Authority

What is Red Beard Monthly Boost?

Red Beard Boost is the secret sauce you can use to make your campaigns POP. Boost gets you in content links on high DA domains to supercharge your 2nd tier.


You can use it multiple ways:


1) Boost up your backlinks: Sometimes you get a link with nice domain authority, but it’s a brand new page with low authority. You can use Red Beard Boost to power up that page and deliver more juice to your website!


2) Rank secondary properties: Want to rank a Youtube video, Facebook page, Local directory or other secondary property? Red Beard Boost links are the perfect solution and bang for your buck.

Red Beard Agency SEO Mega Package
Red Beard Agency SEO Monthly Boost

The Link Booster

By supercharging your links with Red Beard Boost, you’ll be delivering more power to your authority site, channeled through your second tier.


This multiplies the value of any link that you have, often 2-3X. We recommend using boost on guest posts, press releases, or anywhere you want your links to deliver more value.


On top of that, you can use as many keywords or anchors as you’d like as well as slow drip out the links for maximum natural link building.

How It Works

Step 1

Purchase Red Beard Boost

Just purchase a Red Beard Boost package and give us your URLs & keywords. (Purchase of Red Beard SEO, or Red Beard Mega must be made before boost can be purchased.)

Step 2

Link Drip

We will write an article on your subject matter and start slow dripping your links out to deliver power to your backlinks or secondary properties.

Step 3


We’ll deliver a thorough report for you to see the work that was done.

Red Beard Boost Packages

We work with ALL types of businesses! If your business sells a product or service we can help you!
  • Small Boost

  • $100/mo
    • 50 Posts on High DA Sites
      Unlimited URLs
      Unlimited Anchor Text
      Slow Drip Available

  • Large Boost

  • $300/mo
    • 250 High DA Posts
      Unlimited URLs
      Unlimited Anchor Text
      Slow Drip Available

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